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Top 10 Tourist Destination To Visit in Maldives with Your Best Friends

Why just going on vacation with family is considered to be cool and why not friends? So, this time me and my bestie thought of having a chilled out holiday in Maldives. Maldives – an island country home to 1200 islands has been alluring the visitors from across the globe. the blue seas, sand kissed beaches, water sports, coral reefs – what all can one look for in a vacation? So, we just started how to go about. FlyWings Tour & Packages Pvt Ltd – we had heard a lot about them and how they have been helping arrange best tours for couples, individuals and all since inception.

FlyWings Tour & Packages Pvt Ltd has been a pioneer in offering not only taxi services in and around Chandigarh but they have been exceptional in offering domestic & international holiday tour packages. We chose a 4 days 3 nights package that included meals and airports transfer by boat. We were pretty excited.

Best time to visit Maldives – December to April

There are so many things to do while you are in Maldives, but when you are short on days, explore these not to miss tourist destinations.

1. Malé Island – The liveliest – A city that never sleeps
The abode of royal dynasties – Malé is the most visited city throughout the year in Maldives. Malé is now popularly known as the King’s Island. With a tropical monsoon climate through the year, rains occur anytime keeping the weather pleasant.

What you can see while in Malé – The Grand Friday Mosque, Male Fish Market, Tsunami Monument,

Male’s National Museum, Adventure activities – Scuba diving, Snorkeling, underwater scooters

2. Nalaguraidhoo – Mother Nature at its best
Well, who doesn’t love the beaches? From kids to young couples to oldies – beaches are a perfect getaway for having fun time with friends and family. Nalaguraidhoo Islands or as we said Sun Island, is situated in South Ari Atoll and is blessed with stunning beaches, resorts and tropical flowers – all making up for a major attraction spot that you can’t afford to miss. A perfect escapade!

Well, if you want to enjoy the water sports – the best time to visit Sun Island is March and April i.e. the summer season.

What can you see while in Sun Island – Windsurfing, snorkelling, diving or simply bask in the sunshine, relax at a sauna.

3. Banana Reef – Diving here is really fun!
Situated in the North Male Atoll, Banana reef is a world renowned site for diving. In fact, it is the first place in Maldives to get license for diving and training. It is shaped like a banana – and pulls the visitors for its amazing marine life, overhangs, and cliffs – all at their best calling you to admire them and fall in love with this place.

What can you enjoy while at Banana Reef- Jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling and all other underwater activities will keep you active throughout the day.

4. Alimatha Island – family vacation spot
Alimatha Island is in Vaavu Atoll and will behold you with its crystal clear waters making it a haven for underwater adventure enthusiasts – diving, snorkeling etc. Play volleyball matches with beautiful and friendly people all around or take an ayurvedic massage to rejuvenate your body – its’ all fun and frolic around.

What you can do while in Alimatha Island –underwater activities at Govt sanctioned protected sites at Miyaru Kandu or Fotte Kandu

5. Artificial Beach – where the party never ends
Yes, as the name says- it is an artificial beach in the North Male Atoll. It is a paradise for swimming enthusiasts. It has an open area that hosts several carnivals, water sports all throughout the year. Evenings are quite enjoying for various musicians and singers gather together to jam.

What can you see while in Artificial Beach- Shark Point, Kani Corner, Manta Point, Nassimo Thila
Planning your holiday in Maldives but confused how to go about? Well, trust FlyWings Tour & Packages Pvt Ltd- they organized a very memorable tour for us and that too affordable, comfortable and with a luxurious stay.

6. Hp Reef – Experience the beautiful Corals and the marine life
A protected marine site – this is the place where you witness the actual very beautiful marine life. Multi hued coral, colorful fishes- there is so much going on underwater that you can feel, see and experience.

What all you can do at Hp reef- experience the marine life and capture it in your cameras, diving

7. Fihalholi – A romantic getaway
If you are looking for a romantic getaway that is serene and gives you some private moments, well head to the South Kaafu Atoll in Male – where you will find Fihalhohi Island. The breathtaking beauty of this place – the shady coconut trees, the clear waters and the pristine beaches all making up for a perfect holiday spot away from the maddening crowds.

What all can you see while in Fihalhohi Island- – Rannalhi, Rihiveli beaches and Fihalhohi resort

8. Utheemu Ganduvaru – Best place to know the history of Maldives
If you are a history buff and interested in knowing about the heritage of Maldives, head to Utheemu – it is a small island and birthplace of the legendary Sultan Mohamed Thakurufaanu – his name written in the golden history of Maldives for chasing away the Portuguese intruders. There is a heritage building built in his memory and attracts many tourists.

What can you see while in Utheemu Ganduvaru- Home of Sultan Mohamed, Mosques, Cemetery and Beach North Shore.

9. Biyadhoo Island – sparkling waters
A popular tourist destination, Biyadhoo Island is famous for its sparkling waters and underwater adventure activities. Abundant vegetation is another attraction this island offers. Banana, coconut and mango trees are there in abundance all adding to the beauty of this place.

What can you do while in Biyadhoo Island – snorkelling, scuba diving, canoe paddling etc.

10. Veligandu Island Beach – A small island serving you mouth watering delicacies

The lagoons here are the focal point offering the divers to experience the marine beauty. As it is quite close to a fishing village, the resorts and hotels here serves you mouth watering sea food which is quite fresh. It is a must to visit place for the vacationers.

What can you do while in Veligandu Island Beach-Enjoy a relaxing spa session, take village tours to experience rural life from close and enjoy fishing and diving.

Amazingly priced tour packages by FlyWings Tour & Packages Pvt Ltd – we really had a ball in Maldives. The breathtaking views of the coral reefs, shiny sandy beaches, snorkeling and scuba diving – all made it a memorable stay and yes we are pretty excited for our next getaway with Flywings tour only.

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