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Top Places to Visit in Seychelles with Your Loved Ones

When everything seems going wrong, you get tired of the daily monotonous routine, and are looking to run away for a quick rejuvenation – well Seychelles is one dream destination that tops the charts. Remote islands, sun kissed sandy beaches, pristine waters – what all can one look for in a perfect getaway holiday. Well, being newly married – I and my wife were eager for our honeymoon but it did not happen soon due to our work commitments. It was our first anniversary that we plan to spend a quality vacation and Seychelles was on our minds.

Well, to start with we got FlyWings Tour & Packages Pvt Ltd on board to design an itinerary for a week long vacation and that too in our budget and as per our likings. The team at FlyWings Tour & Packages Pvt Ltd were learned people and very amicable giving us a patience hearing and to our joy and surprise we had a well planned itinerary ready in a day and we set out on our journey to explore the very beautiful Seychelles the next week.

The package was a 5 days 4 nights deal offering stay at a 4 star beach hotel, return airport transfers, full day reef safari and discovery tour of Mahé and we were offered Visa assistance on arrival. Pretty excited, we set on to explore the beautiful Seychelles. Well, to make your visit more meaningful and comfortable here are some tips that you should consider:

Seychelles is blessed with a warm tropical climate the year round. So, you can visit it anytime.

However, since it is a popular water sports destination the best time to enjoy various water sports activities are:

Sailing: year- round
Snorkelling: April – May, October- November
Surfing: September
Diving: March – May, September- November
Bird Watching: April – October

Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 beautiful Islands and each one is breathtakingly beautiful but there are some that stand up than the rest. Here are those:

1. Mahé Island
Highest mountain ranges and a vast flora and fauna – Mahé Island boasts of being extra ordinary beautiful and this is the prime reason for its being high on every visitors list. The Beau Valion beach is simply amazing and not to forget the Victoria city which is being referred to as one of the tiniest capital cities of the world. You can try your hands on Jet Skiing and Water Skating apart from admiring the picturesque beauty of this island.

The Saint Anne Marine National Park off the coast of Mahé is another tourist attraction not to be missed. One can experience the diverse marine life by taking on a glass bottom excursion on the prisitine waters. One can even enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling.

2. Praslin Island
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Praslin Island is home to two of the most beautiful beaches of the world – Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette. You can simply bask in the beauty of these islands and enjoy private moments with your beloved. Anse Lazio is famous for its Takamaka trees and pristine waters. You can enjoy swimming and snorkeling here. Anse Georgette offers more intimacy and less hustle and bustle and so is a perfect honeymooners’ paradise.

There is a pre historic forest preserving diversity of flora and fauna at a National Park that is home to vanilla orchids, fruit pigeon, black parrot – Seychelles national bird.

3. La Diuge Island
This is a boutique island and famous for its granite boulders that adorn the beautiful beaches. An OX cart drive will let you experience the village life while bicycles will give you a walk through in your childhood. With Island style accommodation all around, you are truly going to have a enjoyable time. Anse Source D’Argent is a big beach that is divided into sections naturally by large boulders offering isolated spots for those madly in love with each other.

4. Cousine Island
Watch and capture many of the endangered and exotic birds and animals at the Cousine Island. If you are lucky, you can get to see Brush Warbler, Hawksbill Turtle, Magpie Robin, Turtledove, Inter Alia, and wedge- tailed Shearwater.

5. Aride Island
This Island is truly bliss for nature lovers. The natural reserve is home to many endemic and exotic flowers and is a breeding ground for around 18 species of sea birds. You may even be surprised to hear that this island also accounts for the largest density of lizards in the world.

6. Bird Island
If you are an ardent bird lover, do not miss on the Bird Island which is home to millions of migratory birds that flow in here from May to November. You can spot fairy terns, sooty terns, cardinals, crested terns, plovers and even Giant land tortoise on this island.

Museums and Art Galleries in Seychelles
1. Seychelles Natural History Museum Victoria
This museum tells you more about the history of this archipelago and aims at creating awareness about the environment problems challenging the world and how can we preserve our national heritage.

2. Craft Village, Mahé
There are namely five attractions which includes art and craft and gastronomy about the very beautiful Seychelles.

You can visit:
Grann Kaz: A plantation house

La Kaz Rosa: A 20th century working class home

Craft workshops to have a closer look at the local craft and also buy them

Maison de Coco: A house built entirely from coconut tree and you can buy gifts made exclusively from coconut products

Kaz Zanana: It is not just a house with a beautiful verandah but here you can sip coffee while enjoying the art works of famous artist – George Camille

Seychelles – A shopper’s Paradise – Famous Marketplace

Sir Selwyn Clarke Market, Victoria
Opened in 1840, this market is the most popular and busiest too. You can buy fresh local produce and even some souvenirs for gifting back home.

Points of Interest in Seychelles
The little Ben Clock Tower, Victoria
Cathedral of our Lady of Immaculate Conception, Victoria
Mission Lodge Lookout, Victoria

Book memorable and fun holiday to Seychelles with none other than FlyWings Tour & Packages Pvt Ltd and we bet that you are going to love every moment of your travel. The tourist attractions in Seychelles are for all – right from flea markets, national parks and monuments. Depending on your interest, Flywings tours customize your trip to the archipelago and make it a memorable one.

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